Here is everything needed to use the Commerce SolutionSolution - A collection of Beamable features for a specific use case in the "Beamable SDK for Unity".

Virtual Currencies

This Currency may be granted to players. Each is represented by a symbol (currency id) and an amount (64 bit integer). It is created with the Content feature and can be granted by various Beamable services. It is is inherently fungible.

Payment Gateways

Beamable covers a number of in-app purchase use cases including drag-and-drop Store functionality. Specifically for Payments, Beamable supports receipt verification for the following platforms;

  • Facebook Payments
  • Google Play
  • Itunes Store
  • Steam
  • Windows Store

SKU Management

Instead of requiring separate configuration and code paths for each individual payment provider, we have created the idea of a “Beamable SKU” which collates all the interesting information about a provider’s products across stores into one structure.

Once you have that content defined, our commerce system can use the identity of that content as the “price” for a particular item. Our services will use this content in verifying receipts sent to us from clients.

Receipt Validation

Beamable provides robust receipt verification for each provider. Beamable has the experience and solution necessary to ensure that only authentic, legitimate receipts for items in your games will be granted to the player and more importantly, we ensure that they are only granted once.

Hacking/Fraud Detection and Replay Guard

As you are probably aware, forging receipts or replaying previously redeemed receipts is a common cheat attempt in gaming to get an advantage upon other players as well as an attempt to not pay any money to your company. Fortunately, due to our payment verification system, we have the ability to detect and prevent fraudulent receipts before they wreak havoc on your player economy.

Coupon Redemption

Beamable offers the ability for game makers to grant “coupons” to the players which can end up being used to purchase a particular offer of your choosing. This can be a great way to give your players free stuff to drive even more engagement.

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