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Here is everything needed to use the Content Management SolutionSolution - A collection of Beamable features for a specific use case in the "Beamable SDK for Unity".

Beamable understands the challenges of authoring new and exciting content into your game. This is exactly why we have built a few tools to make the content production process much easier.

Content Creation

We know that proper tooling is necessary to produce high quality content at a high velocity. Beamable helps you with this by placing all of the necessary tools to both edit and publish content directly in the Unity editor.

However, we do know that not all designers like to use the same workflow to author content and we have also realized how much designers love spreadsheets so we provide the Game Content Designer Google Sheets plugin​ as well as the Content Manager within Unity to support that desire.

Our content system is driven by a Server REST API so as power users you can build your own editing solution.

Content Publishing

Once your content is ready to ship, Beamable has you covered there as well. When you create your Beamable account, we automatically create a “Development to Production” pipeline of distinct environments for you. These environments are “Dev” → “Staging” → “Production”. This is how we enable you to publish your content to our servers for the development environment while allowing you the peace of mind to know that the “Production” environment has not been modified.

Then, once you have tested that the new content in your environment looks correct, you can go into the Portal to promote the "Dev" content to "Staging" and eventually "Production".

Content Live Refresh

One of the main benefits of our content system is that, when you hit publish and the content updates, we will automatically refresh that content on each of the game clients via a server-to-client message. This allows for the system to be incredibly interactive at development time as well as allowing for over the air updates to players who are playing in “Production” after a content promotion.

Content Localization

Our content service also provides text localization based on keys. This allows you to say that for the “greeting_dialog”, you would like the “French” version of that text when the content is returned to the client.

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Allow game maker to store project-specific data


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