Custom Tooling


Here is everything needed to use the Custom Tooling SolutionSolution - A collection of Beamable features for a specific use case in the "Beamable SDK for Unity".

Powerful Prefabs

Drag & Drop entire features into your game, including UI and all backend hookups, according to best practices.

See Admin for one of many such offerings.

C# Microservices

Completely eliminate the need to build, run, and scale a game server. Author server-authoritative logic via Microservices with C# inside the Unity editor.

Skinnable UI

Create your game's skin via a one-stop interface for configuring colors, fonts, sounds, and the overall look of our features.

See Skinning for more info.

Related Features

More details are covered in related feature page(s).




UI for game commands and cheats


Create and deploy your own code which we host


Allow game maker to customize appearance of UI

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