Admin - Overview


Beamable provides you with an easy way to get debug information about your Beamable game. We provide you with a command line tool, as a prefab, that can be placed in a unity scene and allow you to access information via command.


This is currently a Unity only feature

This feature currently requires Unity 3D development environment and is not available for other platforms. It is designed to be used within the Unity Editor.




Login to the DBID designated by the given username & password


Get the Advertising ID of the current device


Get the heart beat of a user account


Show current access token


Expires the current access token


Corrupts the current access token to trigger the refresh token flow


Clear the access token and start with a fresh account

These are but a few of the commands you can perform from within the Admin tool. To get a full list of the available commands you can type help at the prompt and see all available commands.

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