Stores - Overview

Allow players to purchase items from in-game stores [ECON-Stores-01]


A Beamable Prefab is available for this feature

Beamable provides a prefab for this feature which can be found in the Game Economy Prefabs section.

Beamable's Store feature allows the game maker to create a storefront in their application. Users can purchase items with real money or virtual currency. These can be attached to third-party purchasing methods (Apple, Google, etc), or Unity's built-in IAP system.

The setup for Stores uses the Content Manager, and relies on at least one valid Virtual Currency, so it is recommended to review those features before implementation.

Virtual Currency and Real Money Purchases

Beamable supports purchasing using both virtual currency and real money (IAP) to purchase in-game items. The recommended starting point for virtual currency purchasing is the Guide, while real money purchasing should start with the Custom Stores guide, which utilizes Unity IAP.

Beamable Prefab

For a no-code solution, Beamable provides a prefab with a basic Store Flow. This allows game makers to create content (items), assign prices and display information, and allow the user to make purchases.


The built-in Store Flow.

The implementation for the Store Flow is outlined in more detail in the Guide.

Custom Store Implementation

Beamable supports many providers for IAP services, as well as an interface to create your own adapter for a custom purchaser (see Custom Purchaser). Creating a custom store allows for more flexibility in terms of UI and navigation, although it is more involved from a coding perspective.