Business Intelligence

Understanding your players through intelligent data analysis


Understanding player behavior is a critical element of operating any live game. In order to do this there are several key pieces that need to come together to create a the proper business intelligence for your game.

What is BI for games?

Business Intelligence is the process by which a game maker use strategies and technologies for analyzing current and historical data about players, with the objective of improving strategic decision-making about how to increase engagement, retention and monetization for a game.

Beamable provides you with the right set of tools & technologies that you need to have a proper Business Intelligence strategy. You can write Telemetry (Data), Analyze (Report), Group (Segment or Cohort), and Experiment (A/B Test) with the tools Beamable provides. Below find more information for each of these topics.


TelemetryAllows game makers to collect data about player actions. Beamable provides you with APIs that allow you to write data about what is taking place in your game that can be queried and reported on.
AnalyticsAllow game maker to track player behavior. Beamable Analytics provides robust info about a player's behavior. Understanding player behavior is vital to designing the best game experience.
SegmentationAllow game makers to tailor content or run experiments on groups of players. You can run actions across these segmented players and manipulate bits of information about those players, enabling you to deliver new content to specific groups of players..
A/B TestingAllow game makers to deploy new functionality to subset of players. Game makers often know exactly which decisions make the best experience for players. When in doubt, game makers can use an A/B Testing trial to try multiple solutions before finalizing the game design.