Steam Integration - Overview

Integrating the Steamworks SDK with your game [IDEN-Steam-01]

In order to integrate steam into any game you have to use the Steamworks SDK and the Steamworks API. This section will show you how to properly integrate the Steamworks SDK into a Unity Game. However, the implementations of Steamworks are relatively the same across various languages.



Primarily we use the Steamworks SDK to acquire the Steam Token for Authentication. This same token is also used for purchases through steam. For Authentication as shown below, we use the token to validate it with Beamable, and once that has been accomplished we use the token result to then Login, Create or Attach the User in team to Beamable.


Purchasing & Payments

Beamable also has integrated Purchasing and Payments with Steam. You can issue a request to purchase an item and then pay for that item on the Steam platform. Once the purchase has completed the content is granted to the player from Beamable.