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The web-based project administration [PORT-Portal-01]


This page includes everything needed to use this tool window with the "Beamable SDK for Unity". Or watch this video.

The purpose of this Tool WindowTool Window - A group of related Beamable editing functionality for game makers is to allow back-end administration of player ContentContent - The primary data concept within the Beamable Content Manager by the game maker.


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The User Interface

Here is the user interface of the Beamable "Portal" tool window.

The Beamable "Portal"The Beamable "Portal"

The Beamable "Portal"

Beamable High-Level Data Concepts

For simplicity, some Beamable data structures may be omitted from this diagram.


Follow these steps to get started:

The PortalPortal - The web-based project administration of player content for game makers is available in your favorite web-browser at https://portal.beamable.com.



  1. Open the "Toolbox" Window

• Unity → Window → Beamable → Open Beamable Toolbox

  1. Open the "Portal" Window

• Click the "Open Portal" Button

Here is the "Beamable" menu as seen in Unity:

The “Beamable” MenuThe “Beamable” Menu

The “Beamable” Menu

Here is the "Open Portal" Button.

The "Open Portal" Button in the Beamable Toolbox WindowThe "Open Portal" Button in the Beamable Toolbox Window

The "Open Portal" Button in the Beamable Toolbox Window



Here are highlights from the Beamable FAQ: See FAQ for more info.


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