Listen Player

Listen for player notifications

beam listen player [options]


The listen player command will monitor events sent to the logged in
player on the CLI. Player events include updates such as content
notifications, inventory updates, mail updates, and more.

IMPORTANT: The command only works if the realm is configured to use
Beamable Notifications, which is the default setting for new realms
as of July 2023. However, if the realm is not using Beamable Notifications,
the following error will be displayed.

Only realms with beam notifications are supported. This realm currently has pubnub.
Try setting the realm config to beam with this command, 
""beam config realm set --key-values 'notification|publisher::beamable'""

To get started with the command, make sure you have the CLI configured,
and an available player.

  1. Run beam me to get access to the player's playerId.
  2. Use the portal, and navigate to the player's inventory page.
  3. Run beam listen player, and leave the program running. This starts the listening process.
  4. On the portal, change the player's currency value. Alternatively, send the player some mail.
  5. On the console, notice the event is received.


--contextStringA regex to filter for notification channels
--dryrunBooleanShould any networking happen?
--cidStringCid to use; will default to whatever is in the file system
--pidStringPid to use; will default to whatever is in the file system
--quietBooleanWhen true, skip input waiting and use defaults
--hostStringThe host endpoint for beamable
--refresh-tokenStringRefresh token to use for the requests
--logStringExtra logs gets printed out
--dirStringDirectory to use for configuration
--rawBooleanOutput raw JSON to standard out. This happens by default when the command is being piped
--prettyBooleanOutput syntax highlighted box text. This happens by default when the command is not piped
--dotnet-pathStringa custom location for dotnet
--versionBooleanShow version information
--helpBooleanShow help and usage information

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