This page includes common terms used in the Beamable documentation and product.

Admin Account
(For Game Maker)
This establishes the connection between the Game Maker and the Beamable SDK. This has full admin privileges
(For Player)
This establishes the connection between the Player and the Beamable SDK. This has no admin privileges
AnnouncementA message sent by the game maker to all game players. See Announcements for more info
CIDThe customer identification. Beamable generates this for each customer
ContentThe primary data concept within the Beamable Content Manager
DbidA number generated by the Beamable backend number system. Can be used to represent a PlayerId, AccountId, Pid, Cid, etc.
EndpointA distinct HTTP path within the Beamable Server REST API
EnvironmentA separate set of content, configuration, and data; useful for distinguishing Dev from Prod or allowing different developers to work on different data. Used interchangeably with a "Realm."
EventsA one-time competition between all players within a game's community, rewarding based on score and score ranking
FeatureAn individual aspect of the Beamable product used to create a great user experience
Feature PrefabThe drag-and-drop template for a specific Beamable product feature. See Unity Toolbox for more info
First FrameA first frame operation occurs very early in the game project's runtime -- possibly in the very first frame
GameEach Game maker account has one more games. Each game contains several Realms
GuideA how-to guide to create a great user experience
Hard CurrencyA currency type rewarded to the player through IAP transactions of real-world money. (Ex. Gems). See Virtual Currency for more info
ItemAn archetype of a Beamable store object. There may be a single instance or multiple instances of each. See Content Manager for more info
InventoryA collection of Beamable items owned by the active player. See Inventory for more info
KPIA Key Performance Indicator is a metric that helps determine a game's success
LazyA lazy operation occurs on-demand at the last moment possible to satisfy the use case
ListingThe building block of Beamable stores. A listing may correspond to a platform App Store SKU. Each listing is a collection of Beamable store items. See Store for more info
Lookup TableA data structure which represents a collection of keys - each mapped to one or more values
LeaderboardA list of high scores by all players of a game. See Leaderboard for more info
LobbyA lobby is a waiting area or virtual space where players can gather while waiting for all participants to join before starting a multiplayer game session. See Lobbies for more info
MailA message sent from a player to a player
ObservableWithin the Beamable player-centric SDK (PSDK), data sets are often represented as observable objects with events such as OnDataUpdated
PIDThe project identification. Beamable generates this for each project
PlayerIdThe player identification. A single user will have a PlayerId per realm they have logged into. The PlayerID is in DBID format.
PortalThe web-based project administration of player content for game makers. See Portal for more info
RealmUnique body of data in the Beamable back-end. Each realm represents a game environment. Used interchangeably with an "environment."
Reference - C# APIThe client-side programming resources. See Reference - C# API for more info
Reference - REST APIThe server-side programming resources. See Reference - REST API for more info
SerializationThe automatic process of transforming data structures for read/write storage
ServiceAn individual aspect of the Beamable back-end used to power a feature
Service Plan
(Game Maker)
The Game Maker Account's licensing information and plan
Soft CurrencyA currency type rewarded to the player through gameplay progression. (Ex. Experience Points or XP). See Currency for more info
SKUA Stock Keeping Unit is a unique indicator of a Beamable store listing in a platform App Store
StatActive data entity used for read/write of player state. See Stats for more info
StoreA collection of Beamable store listings. See Store for more info
ToolboxThe Beamable Unity Toolbox Window which serves as the main entry point for using Beamable
Tool WindowA group of related Beamable editing functionality for game makers
TournamentA recurring competition between all players within a game's community, based on score ranking, stage, and tier. See Tournaments for more info
WIPA "Work In Progress" feature or workflow which is in active development, but not fully released