Portal: The web-based project administration [PORT-Portal-07]


Here is everything needed to use the Inventory Feature in the Beamable Portal Tool Window.


Follow these steps to get started:

1. Open the Portal• See Portal for more info
2. Expand "Engage" section on the sidebar• Click "Players"
3. Navigate to a player's profile page• Scroll the list or search by playerId, device, etc.
4. Open the player's Inventory page• Click "Inventory" on the navigation panel
5. Configure the settings• Enjoy!

Game Maker User Experience

During development, the game maker's user experience is as follows:


Modifying User Currency

In the Currency section, you can configure how much currency a player has by using the add currency button or by opening the "Edit Currency" menu from the vertical elipses at the end of a currency's row.

1492 900

Modifying User Inventory

In the Items section, you manage the items in a player's inventory. Click the add item button to grant an item by selecting it from the "Add Item" menu that will pop up. To remove items from a player's inventory, expand an item's details and click Delete Item from the vertical elipses.

1492 905