Username / Password - Overview

Simple authentication with username and password [IDEN-Username-01]


A Beamable Prefab is available for this feature

Beamable provides a prefab for this feature which can be found in the Identity Prefab section.

Username and Password is a great way to provide cross platform authentication if you do not want social integration. In addition, you can use this method for allowing a player to signup for your game or service.

Beamable will create a user account for you when you initialize, but you can use this feature to also provide additional credentials for sign-in.


UI & Edge Cases

Using a custom username and password feature in your game does require some additional work and considerations. You will have to create multiple screens for sign-up, auto sign-in, password recovery, and error handling.

Below is a simple username and password flow where, after initializing, we prompt the user for how they want to proceed. They have the option to create a new account or to log in. This example doesn't include flows for password recovery or account switching. However, those can be also implemented.