Segmentation - Overview


Segmentation is extremely important when running a live game. In order to tailor content or run experiments on players you need to have the ability to group players into cohorts. Here at Beamable we also call these grouped players Cohorts. In addition, you need the ability to run actions across these segmented players and manipulate bits of information about the players. This enables you to deliver new content to specific groups of players. A/B Testing is one of the ways that you can run experiments on players, however through using other services from Beamable you can also deliver new store content and or work with players in a cohort from Microservices.

In this section you will find out exactly how to segment your players. How players sometimes automatically get segmented by Beamable and learn more about what you can do with segmentation of your players.

You will fine the following topics here:

  • How to segment players and create cohorts
  • How does Beamable create cohorts of players for you
  • What can you do with cohorts of players
  • Guides to show you some examples of creating cohorts of players