Client C# API


The "Beamable SDK for Unity" allows game makers to add social, commerce and content to games.


Here is the Client C# API script reference


Beamable.APIThe entry point for Beamable's C# Client Code features


IBeamableServicesThe entry point for Beamable's C# Server Code (Microservice) features

By Feature

Here is the C# API script reference organized by Feature.

CloudDataServiceA/B TestingAllow game makers to deploy new functionality to subset of players
AuthServiceAccountsAllow player account management
AnalyticsTrackerAnalyticsAllow game maker to track player behavior
AnnouncementsServiceAnnouncementsAllow player to manage announcements
CalendarsServiceAllow game makers to offer rewards on a calendar schedule
ChatServiceChatAllow players to communicate in-game
CloudSavingServiceCloud SaveAllow player to store progress
CommerceServiceStoreAllow player to shop
ConnectivityServiceConnectivityIndicates status of network connection availability
ContentService ContentAllow game maker to store project-specific data
EventsServiceEventsAllow game maker to set up a one-time competition
GroupsServiceGroupsAllow players to create groups and interact in real-time
InventoryServiceInventoryAllow player to manage inventory
LeaderboardServiceLeaderboardsAllow player to manage inventory
MailServiceMailAllows players to manage in-game mail
MatchmakingServiceMatchmakingAllow game makers to create multi-user experiences
SimClientMultiplayerAllow game makers to create multi-user experiences
PaymentServiceStoreAllow player to shop
PushServiceNotificationsAllow games to send and receive messages through subscriptions.
StatsServiceStatsAllow game maker to store player-specific data
TournamentsServiceTournamentsAllow game maker to set up a recurring tournament