Photon Multiplayer (RLGL) - Overview


Welcome to "Red Light, Green Light" (RLGL). In this game, Race other players to the finish line, but don't get caught moving during a red light! This sample project utilizes several of Beamable's features.


Related Features

More details are covered in related feature page(s).

Matchmaking - Connect remote players in a match (i.e. a multiplayer "room")
Leaderboards - Allow player to manage leaderboard
Microservices - Create and deploy your own code which we host


  • The game is loaded from the Login scene, in which the player goes through the authentication flow, and logs into their account.
  • The player is then loaded into the MainMenu scene, where they can customize their character, view their profile, and enter matchmaking.
  • After finding a match, the player is loaded into the FusionInitializer scene, then Level_RedLight is loaded additively, where the gameplay takes place.
  • After completing a match (either by winning or being eliminated), the player is returned to the MainMenu.
Login Scene
Lobby Scene
Game Scene