Cloud Save - Overview

Save player data in the cloud [PROF-CloudSave-01]

This guide includes everything needed to use the Cloud Save Feature in the "Beamable SDK for Unity".

The Cloud Data is fetched online and stored locally; scoped by game and player. As changes are detected, the system automatically keeps data in sync.



Here are hints to help explain some of the trickier concepts:

To clarify, the following are distinct Beamable Features;

β€’ Cloud Save : Allow player to store progress
β€’ A/B Testing (AKA "Cloud Data"): Allow game makers to deploy new functionality to subset of players



Here are highlights from the Beamable FAQ: See FAQ for more info.

β€’ Cloud Save


This section contains any advanced configuration options and workflows.

Data Limitations

There are theoretical limitations on the size that can be stored via Cloud Save.

Data Management Via Portal

The Portal allows the game maker to manage player data as well. Search for a player, select the CloudData tab, and navigate to the player data.

Some common use-cases for game makers include;

  • Debugging - Play as a customer's player data to test and investigate reported issues
  • Support - Make minor edits to a player data and hot-upload it for the customer

Here are the major operations that can be performed against the player data.

1. SearchA content-based search of the player data; search for contained terms.
2. DownloadAllows a game maker with admin privileges to download a copy of a single object of player data.
3. UploadReplace an object of player data with a file that has the same name.



Here are hints to help explain some of the trickier concepts:

β€’ While Beamable supports minor edits to the player data from the portal, restoring the a customer's player data completely to a historic backup state is not supported.
β€’ The CloudSavingService does not support multiple game sessions using the same user. If there are multiple sessions for the same user, for the same game, this will create an infinite ping/pong effect. E.g. Device A will send updates that Device B will fetch, which will send updates that Device A will fetch, etc...
β€’ Manually deleting content from the LocalCloudDataFullPath is not supported