Social & Networking


Social & Networking features allow players to collaborate or compete with other players. In the modern era of gaming, it is more important than ever for games to give players an interface to interact with each other. Many of the games you already play likely incorporate these features. Most major consoles implement Groups (typically called a "Party" or "Clan"), competitive online games implement Matchmaking and networked Multiplayer, and esports-centered games often host in-game Tournaments. Beamable offers solutions to many of these with very little workload on the developer, so you can get your game up and running as soon as possible.


ChatAllow players to communicate in-game. With chat, players collaborate and discuss strategies during cooperation and trade messages during competition.
ConnectivityIndicates status of network connection availability. The system monitors internet connectivity and updates automatically if any changes occur; including remote server outtages or loss of local ethernet/wifi internet.
GroupsAllow players to create groups and interact in real-time. Groups may be short-term "parties" which are joined/left around a particular game event or longer-term "guilds" or "clans" which persist between game sessions.
LeaderboardsAllow player to manage leaderboard. Track player scores in social rankings which are "global" (with hundreds of millions players) or "segmented" (in smaller groups).
MatchmakingAllows game makers to connect remote players together for shared experiences. Players are matched together based on various factors, such as experience (Elo) and competitive ranking.
MultiplayerAllow game makers to create multi-user experiences. Support turn-based gameplay with seamless integration with rewards, matchmaking, and leaderboards without the need to build, run, and scale a game server.
TournamentsAllow game maker to set up a recurring tournament. This is a social/competitive feature with an additional layer of meta game, periodic cycling of ranking/stages/tiers, and progression.