Connectivity - Overview


The Connectivity drives the heartbeat sent back to the Beamable backend platform. If the game client loses connectivity, the heartbeat will stop and the Beamable API will gracefully wait for reconnection before resuming the full online feature-set.

The system monitors internet connectivity and updates automatically if any changes occur; including remote server outages or loss of local ethernet/Wi-Fi internet.


Unlike many Beamable FeatureFeature - An individual aspect of the Beamable product used to create a great user experiences, Connectivity does not require a specific Beamable Feature PrefabFeature Prefab - The drag-and-drop template for a specific Beamable product feature to be used. The main entry point to this feature is C# programming.

Here are API highlights for beamableAPI.ConnectivityService.

Method Name



Getter. Determines if the app has internet connectivity


Setter. Determines if the app has internet connectivity

Note: Calling this is not required. The Beamable system will properly monitor connectivity and update the ConnectivityService.

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