Groups - Overview


This guide includes everything needed to use the Groups feature in the "Beamable SDK for Unity".

The purpose of this feature is to allow players to play together in-game.

Groups may be short-term "parties" which are joined/left around a particular game event or longer-term "guilds" or "clans" which persist between game sessions.

Players can create groups and interact in real-time. Interactions include donating currency between group members for spending on in-game items. Depending on the game design, group members may have shared goals where interaction and collaboration are a key part of success.

Case Study

This functionality has various use cases for game makers and players.

Collaboration - Group members may share resources to progress on common goals (e.g. quests)
Competition - All groups in the game community compete directly and indirectly for rewards
Communication - Groups functionality integrates with text chat. See Chat for more info


Here is the glossary of group-related terms.

GroupA collection of game players (e.g. a guild)
Group MemberA game player within the group
Group Member RolePlayers within a group may have distinct roles to dictate gameplay limits and responbilities