Chat - Overview

Allow players to communicate in-game [SOCL-Chat-01]

This guide includes everything needed to use the Chat feature in the "Beamable SDK for Unity".

The purpose of this feature is to allow players to communicate together in-game with text chat.

With chat, players collaborate and discuss strategies during cooperation and trade messages during competition.

In-game chat can help your game keep its players, give them opportunities to socialize, and increase their Lifetime Value. -


Use Cases

This functionality has various use cases for game makers and players.

β€’ Single Player Games - Broaden the metagame with social features to boost retention
β€’ Multiplayer Games - Deepen the core game to increase engagement. See Multiplayer for more info

Players can easily send and receive messages in real-time.

Send Room Message

room.SendMessage("Hello World!");

Receive Room Message

private void OnMessageReceived (Message message)
  Debug.Log($"Message = {message.content}");


Here is the glossary of chat-related terms.

RoomA collection of game players (e.g. chatting about a specific topic)
Room PlayerA game player within the room
MessageText sent from one player to all players within the room