Save credentials

beam login [options]


The login command will perform a login action and acquire Beamable authorization tokens. There are two main ways Beamable handles authorization, access tokens, and JWTs. JWTs are still being developed. Access tokens are the primary way to handle authorization. Any API request sent to Beamable needs an Authorization header with a bearer token using the Beamable access token. These tokens are short lived and will need to be refreshed periodically. The login command also issues a refresh token which can be used to fetch a new access token if the need arises.

By default, the login command will not save your access tokens. You should pass the --save-to-file option to commit the access token and refresh token to your ./beamable folder.


--usernameStringSpecify user name
--passwordStringUser password
--save-to-environmentBooleanSave login refresh token to environment variable
--save-to-fileBooleanSave login refresh token to file
--customer-scopedBooleanMake request customer scoped instead of product only
--refresh-tokenStringRefresh token to use for the requests
--print-to-consoleBooleanPrints out login request response to console
--dryrunBooleanShould any networking happen?
--cidStringCid to use; will default to whatever is in the file system
--pidStringPid to use; will default to whatever is in the file system
--hostStringThe host endpoint for beamable
--refresh-tokenStringRefresh token to use for the requests
--logStringExtra logs gets printed out
--dirStringDirectory to use for configuration
--versionBooleanShow version information
--helpBooleanShow help and usage information