GameSparks Migration


In August of 2021, Amazon officially announced that the current version of GameSparks is being sunset and that all games on the platform need to be migrated to a new platform by September of 2022.

Beamable has been named a GameSparks migration partner. GameSparks has prepared documentation for mapping each GameSparks feature to a Beamable feature, complete with approach and code examples. You can access that documentation here:

Feature Mapping

Below is a table with various GameSparks features, as well as a link to their documentation explaining how to migrate those features.

GameSparks Feature



Utilize Items or Stats as a replacement for Achievements, depending on the game's needs.


Authenticate users using either Frictionless or Username / Password authentication.

Authentication (3rd party)

Authenticate using various 3rd-party sign in methods. See Identity section.


1:1 migration using the Chat feature.

Cloud Code/Microservices

Migrates to the Microservices feature, very similar conceptually.


1:1 migration using the Virtual Currency feature.

Data Transition

Microservices are the best fit for converting this feature.


No direct replacement, but Content and/or Microservices can be used similarly to replicate it.


The Mail feature handles most of the heavy lifting, but the SendGrid API must be rebuilt.


1:1 migration using the Leaderboards feature.

Leaderboard Partitions

Functionality can be recreated using the Leaderboards feature.

Leaderboard Reset

Reset via the Leaderboard REST API.

Manage Screens

Must be mostly rebuilt using Microservices.

Player Manager

The player management dashboard is located in the Portal.


1:1 migration using the Matchmaking feature.

Managed Events

Must be mostly rebuilt using Microservices.

Teams / Groups

The Groups feature is similar.

Virtual Goods

1:1 migration with the Stores feature.

Virtual Goods (3rd Party)

Nearly 1:1 migration with the Stores - Custom Purchaser feature.

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