Lobbies - Overview


The Beamable Lobbies Feature allows players to create and join virtual spaces before entering a multiplayer match or game session.

The host of the lobby can restrict the lobby to either open or closed. Open lobbies are public and can be joined by any player in the game while closed lobbies require players to join by passcode.

The Beamable Lobbies Feature requires a name, a restriction type (either Open or Closed), and a gameTypeId or SimGameType which is a Beamable ContentObject for Multiplayer when creating lobbies.

Optionally, you can set a description, list of player tags for custom player metadata, maximum number of players allowed in the lobby, a passcode length which is auto-generated by the backend and game statistics to include in the lobby.

To update a lobby, you would need the lobbyId to update the lobby restriction and/or set new host for the lobby. Optionally, you can update the lobby name, description, game type and maximum players allowed in the lobby.

Lobbies can also be found by game type and optionally setting a limit or skip value for paginated result.

To join a lobby requires a lobbyId in the case of an open lobby and passcode in the case of a closed lobby.

Other actions provided by the Beamable Lobbies Feature includes:

  • Adding players to the lobby
  • Removing players from the lobby
  • Kicking a player out of the lobby
  • Leaving the lobby


Here are some additional things to consider when designing a lobby for matchmaking

  • The lobby should be designed to be visually appealing and user-friendly.
  • The lobby should provide players with information about the status of their matchmaking queue, such as how many players are currently in the lobby and how long it is expected to take to find a match.
  • The lobby should allow players to communicate with each other before the game starts. This can help to improve the overall experience for players.
  • The lobby should be secure and prevent players from cheating or exploiting the system.


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