Tournaments - Code


Initialize BeamContext

This code sample is very similar to most other code guides. Note that we are saving the User ID to a variable for use in later functions.

private BeamContext _beamContext;
private long _userId;

private async void Start()
    _beamContext = BeamContext.Default;
    await _beamContext.OnReady;
    _userId = _beamContext.PlayerId;

    Debug.Log($"User Id: {_userId}");

Get Tournaments

This function will return all tournaments in your game's content database.

private async Task<List<TournamentInfo>> GetTournaments()
    var response = await _beamContext.Api.TournamentsService.GetAllTournaments();
    return response?.tournaments;

Join Tournament

Before a score can be posted in a tournament, the player must join the tournament using this function.

private async Task JoinTournament(string tournamentId)
    await _beamContext.Api.TournamentsService.JoinTournament(tournamentId);

Set Score

The following function sets the user's score in the tournament. The _userId variable comes from BeamContext in the "Initialize BeamContext" example above.

private async Task SetScore(string tournamentId, double score)
    await _beamContext.Api.TournamentsService.SetScore(tournamentId, _userId, score);

Sample Code


Beamable SDK Examples

β€’ The following example code is available for download at

using Beamable.Common.Tournaments;
using UnityEngine;

namespace Beamable.Examples.Services.TournamentService
    /// <summary>
    /// Demonstrates <see cref="TournamentService"/>.
    /// </summary>
    public class TournamentServiceExample : MonoBehaviour
        [SerializeField] private TournamentRef _tournamentRef = null;
        [SerializeField] private double _score = 100;

        protected void Start()

            TournamentsSetScore(_tournamentRef.GetId(), _score);

        private async void TournamentsSetScore(string id, double score)
            var beamContext = BeamContext.Default;
            await beamContext.OnReady;
            var userId = beamContext.PlayerId;

            Debug.Log($"beamContext.PlayerId = {userId}");

            // Need to fetch the status for the current tournament cycle in order to set the score.
            var current = await beamContext.Api.TournamentsService.GetTournamentInfo(id);

            // This allows the currently logged in user to join the tournament by its content id.
            await beamContext.Api.TournamentsService.JoinTournament(current.tournamentId, 0);

            // Let's set the score for this player!
            await beamContext.Api.TournamentsService.SetScore(current.tournamentId, userId, score);