Announcements - Overview



A Beamable Prefab is available for this feature

Beamable provides a prefab for this feature which can be found in the Live Ops Prefab section.

This guide includes everything needed to use the Announcements Feature in the "Beamable SDK for Unity".

Messaging the game players can have a significant multiplier effect on engagement and revenue. Announcements provide a 1-to-many communications platform to speak directly to players.

Announcements exist in the form of content objects. They are created and published via the Content Manager, and viewable via the Announcements Prefab or another custom solution (see the Code guide). Below is an example of an Announcement in the prefab.


The content included in an announcement is quite easy to edit via the Inspector:


Case Study

Example: Your game releases new downloadable content every week, and the main menu displays the content in a news panel. This can be created from modifying the Announcements prefab to suit your game's UI scheme, or pulling the announcement via code (see Announcements - Code).