Profile & Storage

Store game-specific and player-specific data


Beamable offers powerful and flexible solutions for in-game storage and content management.


Cloud SaveAllow player to store progress. The Cloud Data is fetched online and stored locally; scoped by game and player. As changes are detected, the system automatically keeps data in sync.
ContentAllow game maker to store project-specific data. Create, deploy, and update game content without releasing new clients to the app stores.
Microservice StorageCreate and deploy a native Mongo database which we host. Persists user-specific and/or game-specific data.
StatsAllow game maker to store player-specific data. Track a variety of built-in and custom player (and guild) stat variables with configurable visibility levels (i.e. visible to everyone, visible to the player, visible to the developer only, etc...).


Game makers can mix and match features to create the custom solution to meet the needs of the game design.

Each feature has read/write access from the game client itself and via Portal. Some features store information game-specifically and some store information player-specifically.

Default BenefitsClient Can (Read/Write)Portal Can (Read/Write)Describes "Game"Describes "Player"
Cloud Save✔️✔️✔️
Microservice Storage✔️✔️✔️✔️

Case Study

Example: Your game offers 3 'save slots'. On the first game session, the player chooses one empty save slot and all player-specific progress is stored at the end of each level. On subsequent game sessions, the player may continue from an existing save slot or choose an empty one. This is a good fit for the Cloud Save.


Save Slots sample UI.