Installing Beamable (Unreal)

For full instructions on how to install the Beamable Unreal SDK, please see the readme for the GitHub project.

Beamable Unreal SDK Repo

The Readme will contain information on:

  1. Setting up Beamable for your project
  2. Using Sign-In and setting up the RunTimeSubsystem
  3. Explanation of Core Modules
  4. Explanation of Core Blueprint Nodes
  5. How to use Stand alone C#Microservices with Unrealinstalling


Required Realm Config

In order for the SDK to function properly, a realm config is required in the portal to point to the correct infrastructure. You can follow these instructions:

For questions, we suggest joining our discord channel at and contacting your Beamable account or support rep if you have a PRO Support plan.

What’s Next

Go to Github and grab the Unreal SDK and follow the readme: