Content - Remote Configuration

Create and manage your game's live content [PROF-Content-05]

The Beamable Content feature works well for many Content » Built-In Data Types as well as Content » Custom Data Types.

A fundamental pattern for using Beamable Content is Remote Configuration.

With modest planning, game makers can maximize the user experience while minimizing the number of game updates shipped.

Remote Configuration Workflow

This workflow allows game makers to update game content remotely and do so in real-time. Games can tweak existing features, launch new features, test out functionality -- all without necessarily shipping app updates or code changes.

Types of Game Changes

Remote Via PortalRequires Game Update
Add/Remove/Edit Content Type✔️
Add/Remove/Edit C# Code✔️
Edit Content Type Values✔️

With the power and flexibility of remote configuration, game makers deliver a higher quality user-experience without the expense and delays from shipping unnecessary game updates.