Microservices Manager

The microservices administration [DVTL-UTW-05]

This page includes everything needed to use this tool window with the "Beamable SDK for Unity".

The purpose of this Tool Window is to allow front-end administration of the game Microservices by the game maker.


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The User Interface

Here is the user interface of the Beamable "Microservices Manager" tool window.


The Beamable "Microservices Manager" Window


1. Window Menuβ€’ Publish services to the realm, manage service dependencies, create new services or storages, and play multiple services at once.
2. Service Quick Menuβ€’ Open local OpenAPI page, Open C# code, and access the drop-down menu.
3. Service Log Menuβ€’ Change service log level.
4. Play Serviceβ€’ Play or stop the service.
5. Service Log Copyβ€’ Copy the selected log element to the clipboard.


Follow these steps to get started:

1. Open the "Microservices Manager" Windowβ€’ Unity β†’ Window β†’ Beamable β†’ Open Microservices Manager

Here is the "Beamable" menu as seen in Unity:


The β€œBeamable” Menu

It is also accessible from the Beamable Toolbox Window. Here is the "Microservices Manager" Button.


The "Microservices Manager" Button in the Beamable Toolbox Window



Here are highlights from the Beamable FAQ: See FAQ for more info.

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