Regular flow for updating

By default, in order to update dotnet cli tool it is normal to use command like:

dotnet tool update {name_of_tool} --global --version {version_here}

Which for this tool could be something like:

dotnet tool update Beamable.Tools --global --version 1.17.0

Simpler way

In cli tool, as of 1.16.2, it is possible to use beam version tools to get the list of available versions:

beam version ls

The beam version ls command can also have arguments like --include-rc {true/false} or --include-release {true/false} so it is possible to specify if it should print out RC versions, release ones or both of them.

Then in order to install specific version you can use the beam version command:

beam version install <version?>

That command will install the specified version OR the latest one if no version as argument is provided.