Profile Run-nbomber

Runs an n-bomber stress test for a given microservice method

beam profile run-nbomber <service> <method> [options]


N-Bomber is a tool for load testing. The profile run-nbomber command will run an N-bomber load test against a given Microservice method. After the load test is complete, a /reports folder will be generated with the results of the test. The check-nbomber command can be used to assert that the results meet given quality thresholds.


serviceStringThe name of the microservice to stress test. This should be a valid, running, Microservice name. This comes from the [Microservice] attribute argument.
methodStringThe method name in the service to stress test


--bodyStringThe file path containing the json body for each request
--include-prefixBooleanIf true, the generated .env file will include the local machine name as prefix
--include-authBooleanIf true, the requests will be given the CLI's auth token
--rpsInt32The requested requests per second for the test
--durationInt32How long to run the test for
--authStringInclude an auth header. This will override the --include-auth flag
--dryrunBooleanShould any networking happen?
--cidStringCid to use; will default to whatever is in the file system
--pidStringPid to use; will default to whatever is in the file system
--hostStringThe host endpoint for beamable
--refresh-tokenStringRefresh token to use for the requests
--logStringExtra logs gets printed out
--dirStringDirectory to use for configuration
--versionBooleanShow version information
--helpBooleanShow help and usage information

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