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Microservices Manager

The microservices administration


This page includes everything needed to use this tool window with the "Beamable SDK for Unity".

The purpose of this Tool WindowTool Window - A group of related Beamable editing functionality for game makers is to allow front-end administration of the game MicroserviceMicroservice - A Microservice architecture, or microservice, is a solution of developing software systems that focuses on building single-function modules with well-defined interfaces and operations.s by the game maker.


Related Feature

β€’ The background info and basic functionality are covered in the feature page. See Microservices for more info.

The User Interface

Here is the user interface of the Beamable "Microservices Manager" tool window.

The Beamable "Microservices Manager" Window




Print Status

Provides updated status of the deployment plan

Get All Manifest

Provides general info of the deployment plan

Write Actual Manifest

Allows game makers to deploy the local Microservice to be live and online


Follow these steps to get started.



  1. Open the "Microservices Manager" Window

β€’ Unity β†’ Window β†’ Beamable β†’ Open Microservices Manager

Here is the "Beamable" menu as seen in Unity.

The β€œBeamable” Menu

It is also accessible from the Beamable Toolbox Window. Here is the "Microservices Manager" Button.

The "Microservices Manager" Button in the Beamable Toolbox Window

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Microservices Manager

The microservices administration

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