Here is everything needed to use the Social SolutionSolution - A collection of Beamable features for a specific use case in the "Beamable SDK for Unity".

Chat / Groups

Game makers can increase player engagement with chat and groups. Use cases include;

  • Collaboration - Groups members may share resources to progress on common goals (e.g. quests)
  • Competition - Groups in the game community compete directly and indirectly for rewards through Leaderboards
  • Communication - With groups and without groups, game makers can offer full Chat to the players

Live Events

Live events can have a significant multiplier effect on engagement and revenue. Beamable offers these features to support this.


A social/competitive feature that allows players to compete over a finite duration, where their in-game actions contribute a score to an event leaderboard. Events can have one or more phases, each with a defined duration. These phases can be interpreted by the game to mean whatever it wants.

See Events for more info.


A social/competitive feature, but with an additional layer of meta game and progression. Unlike Events, Tournaments are cyclical. This means that you compete on a periodic basis, and the results of that cycle feed into progression into new Stages and Tiers (i.e. Leagues).

See Tournaments for more info.


Support turn-based gameplay with seamless integration with rewards, matchmaking, and leaderboards without the need to build, run, and scale a game server. See Multiplayer for more info.

Related Features

More details are covered in related feature page(s).




Allow players to communicate in-game


Allow game maker to set up a one-time competition


Allow players to create groups and interact in real-time


Allow player to manage leaderboard


Allow game makers to create multi-user experiences


Allow game maker to set up a recurring tournament

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