Tournaments - Guide


This guide is intended to show you how to create, configure and publish Tournaments.


Follow these steps to get started:



  1. Open the Content Manager Window

• Unity → Window → Beamable → Open Content Manager

  1. Create the "Tournament" content
• Select the content type in the list • Press the "Create" button • Populate the content name
  1. Open the Unity Project Window

• Unity → Window → General→ Project

  1. Select the "Tournament" asset

• Search by the name given in step #4
• View the asset in the Unity Inspector Window

  1. Populate all fields
  1. Save the Unity Project

• Unity → File → Save Project

Best Practice: If you are working on a team, commit to version control in this step.

  1. Publish the content

• Press the "Publish" button in the Content Manager Window


Next Steps

After the tournament is published, there are two ways to set up the rest of the tournament flow:

  • Tournaments - Prefab: A no-code solution for displaying tournament data with a prebuilt interface.
  • Tournaments - Code: A more flexible solution for allowing players to view and participate in tournaments.

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