Tournaments - Prefab

Allow game maker to set up a recurring tournament [SOCL-Tournaments-Prefab]

The User Interface

When set up properly, the player's user interface in the game project will be as follows:


The Beamable "Tournament Flow" UI in the Unity Game Window

User Interface Details

The layout is organized into separate tabs. The player may freely navigate.

Daily Tab (Default)

The player will see the most movement in their rank here, since small score changes more dramatically affect this tab than other tabs.


Tournament Flow - "Daily"

High Scores Tab

The player will see their rank compared to the highest global ranks.


Tournament Flow - "High Scores"

Champions Tab

The player will see a history of the highest global rank per day by date.


Tournament Flow - "Champions"

Info Tab

The player will see a multi-page explanation of how the in-game Tournament system works.



This guide assumes the following prerequisites have been completed:

Here is the "Beamable" menu as seen in Unity:

Here is the feature Prefab as seen in the Beamable Toolbox.


The Beamable "Tournament Flow" in the Beamable Toolbox Window


What Is Reset After Each Cycle?

At the end of each cycle (e.g. 24 hrs), players are rewarded and the player rank is reset. The player stage and player tier are not reset.



Here are hints to help explain some of the trickier concepts:

β€’ This Feature Prefab renders for landscape layout. Support for rendering portrait layout is not yet available