Product Overview

Beamable is the low-code option for rapidly adding social, commerce, and content management features to your live game. Learn how to do that with Beamable's online product documentation.

Game makers know that building, launching, and scaling a live game (one where players play together) requires a wide range of engineering, devops, and liveops technologies that most game teams are not resourced to create.

Focus on what matters — the game, the art, the experience, the story — and leave the rest to Beamable.


Beamable is the most efficient way to build, manage, and scale a Unity-powered live game.

  • Build - Uses a low-code approach to Unity projects with drag & drop features and UI that is shippable as-is or fully skinnable

  • Manage - Includes a suite of tools via Unity Editor and web browser for launching live events, editing player data, creating content, and more

  • Scale - Backed by the scalable Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing service that has served over 30 million players with a high-quality and cost-effective user experience


Beamable provides an SDK that enables game makers to easily add social, commerce and content management features to their games with a low-code approach that uses drag-and-drop Feature PrefabFeature Prefab - The drag-and-drop template for a specific Beamable product features inside Unity. The offerings are organized by FeatureFeature - An individual aspect of the Beamable product used to create a great user experience. This documentation has a page per Feature as well as helpful GuideGuide - A how-to guide to create a great user experience pages which serve as a high-level how-to.



A/B Testing

Allow game makers to deploy new functionality to subset of players


Allow player account management


UI for game commands and cheats


Allow game maker to track player behavior


Allow player to manage announcements


Allow players to communicate in-game

Cloud Save

Allow player to store progress


Indicates status of network connection availability


Allow game maker to store project-specific data


UI for virtual currency


Allow game maker to set up a one-time competition


Allow players to create groups and interact in real-time


Allow player to manage inventory


Allow player to manage leaderboard


Allows players to manage in-game mail


Create and deploy your own code which we host


Allow game makers to create multi-user experiences


Allow games to send and receive messages through subscriptions.


Allow game maker to customize appearance of UI


Allow game maker to store player-specific data


Allow player to shop


Allow game maker to set up a recurring tournament

Tool Windows

Each Tool WindowTool Window - A group of related Beamable editing functionality for game makers allows game makers to develop with and maintain the Beamable FeatureFeature - An individual aspect of the Beamable product used to create a great user experiences in the game project.

Tool Window


Configuration Manager

The game configuration administration

Content Manager

The content item administration


The game maker account administration

Microservices Manager

The microservices administration

Theme Manager

Allow game maker to customize appearance of UI


The drag & drop palette of Beamable features


The web-based project administration

Beamable SDK For Unity

Beamable is available for Unity via the Package Manager, making the installation and update of versions a one click operation.

Beamable Compatibility


Beamable SDK Compatibility

Beamable supports Unity versions 2018.4 LTS to 2020.x LTS and is compatible with all template types
Beamable supports many Unity target platforms including iOS/Android on Mobile and Windows/Mac for PC

Beamable Benefits

  • Easy To Install
  • Drag and Drop
  • Flexible UI
The Beamable "SDK For Unity"The Beamable "SDK For Unity"

The Beamable "SDK For Unity"

Beamable Portal

Beamable offers a centralized web application that provides everything needed to operate a free to play game. Schedule Live Events, manage leaderboards, setup promo codes, launch message campaigns, and more.

  • Live game operations
  • Marketing automation and player support
  • Fully-accessible from any web browser
The Beamable "Portal"The Beamable "Portal"

The Beamable "Portal"

Beamable Documentation

This provides everything needed to use Beamable for game development.

  • Guides- A how-to GuideGuide - A how-to guide to create a great user experience to get started and create a great user-experience. This answers the "How?" in game dev
  • Features - Like a dictionary to lookup deeper info on a specific Beamable FeatureFeature - An individual aspect of the Beamable product used to create a great user experience. This answers the "What?" in game dev
  • Script Reference - List of all public API to the Beamable codebase, ideal for advanced users

The Glossary contains the common terms used in the Beamable documentation and product.

Follow the latest doc additions on the Changelog.

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