Developer Tools


Beamable offers various developer tools to assist with creating and debugging your game.

Unity ToolboxUnity editor widget containing all Beamable prefabs available to use. Each prefab is self-sufficient, so they can be dragged into a scene with little or no setup.
Configuration ManagerInterface built in to the Project Settings window, to allow front-end administration of the game configuration by the game maker.
Content ManagerWindow for creating, configuring and publishing content for your game. Works with many of Beamable's existing features, in the form of built-in types, as well as custom types created by the game maker.
Microservices ManagerUnity editor window for managing deployment of the project's microservices. Also allows the user to deploy microservices locally for testing before they go live.
Theme ManagerAllows the user to configure various colors and images to be used consistently throughout your project on Skinnable objects.
AdminA command line tool as a prefab that can be placed in a Unity scene and allow you to access debug information about your game.