Virtual Currency - Guide

In-game currency used for purchasing [ECON-VirtualCurrency-02]

Setting up Currencies in your application using Beamable can be done through the Content Manager. Once your currencies are created, you can choose to display your currencies with the built-in Prefab, or create a custom solution (see the Code section).

Follow these steps to get started:


Step 1. Create Currency

Here is the process to add a new object with existing content type of "Currency".



  1. Open the Content Manager Window

• Unity → Window → Beamable → Open Content Manager

  1. Create the "Currency" content
• Select the content type in the list • Press the "Create" button • Populate the content name
  1. Open the Unity Project Window

• Unity → Window → General→ Project

  1. Select the "Currency" asset

• Search by the name given in step #3
• View the asset in the Unity Inspector Window

  1. Populate all data fields

Note: The icons can be set to any valid Unity’s Addressable object.

  1. Save the Unity Project

• Unity → File → Save Project

Best Practice: If you are working on a team, commit to version control in this step.

  1. Publish the content

• Press the "Publish" button in the Content Manager Window

Step 2. Grant Currency

Now that the currency content is setup, update the active player's currency via InventoryInventory - A collection of Beamable items owned by the active player.

Here the game maker will choose either 2a or 2b.

Step 2a. Grant Currency (Portal)



  1. Locate a player's DBIDDBID - The database identification. Beamable generates an anonymous account for the player when the project first runs

• See "Verify Success" on Step 1 - Getting Started

  1. Open the "Toolbox" Window

• Unity → Window → Beamable → Open Beamable Toolbox

  1. Open the "Portal" Window

• Click the "Open Portal" Button

  1. Navigate to desired player's Inventory

• Select the active realm
• Select the "Players" tab
• Search by the DBID from step #1
• Press the "Inventory" button
• Press the "Add Currency" button

  1. Add the Currency
• Select the desired currency in the dropdown • Press the "Save" button

Step 2a. Grant Currency (InventoryService)



  1. Add custom C# code

• See the Code section for more info


This section contains any advanced configuration options and workflows.

See Content » Code (Advanced) for more info.

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